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Preparing to sell your home can be filled with excitement and trepidation. This is usually because there’s a lot involved in the process of selling a home. One of the most important steps is taking photos for marketing purposes. Below are tips that can help you achieve optimal results.

Home Exterior

To prepare the exterior of your home for photos, you’ll need to mow the grass, clear any leaves, and trim shrubs. If you have a water hose, it’s best to store it away. You should also remove anything like bikes or toys that might be in the yard. If you have an old mailbox, spending a small amount of money for a new one can go a long way. You’ll also need to ensure the garage door is closed and your car is removed. It’s best to relocate your car, but don’t park it in the driveway or in front of the house.


When preparing the kitchen, make sure you remove cooking utensils and supplies from the countertops. However, you can keep a minimal number of large appliances on the counter. You’ll also need to make sure there are absolutely no dishes in the sink and the trash is completely empty.

Family Room

The goal when preparing the family room is to ensure a tidy appearance by removing things like shoes, toys, an excessive number of magazines and anything else that makes a room look cluttered. You can also reposition the furniture so that the layout is more open and inviting. Make sure to clean and organize pillows on the furniture. For an overall fresh appearance, you might need to add a coat of paint in a neutral color. Keep in mind that lighter colors are best for real estate photos.


It almost goes without saying that you must make the bed before taking any photos. However, you should also organize pillows, remove personal items from nightstands and get rid of anything that’s on top of dressers. You’ll also need to remove anything under the bed that might be visible in photos.

Just like marketing anything else, your photos must attract the attention of potential buyers, especially when it’s a buyer’s market. These tips will help you get the job done.