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When it comes to renovating your home, checking the most current trends can help you get the most bang for your buck. Some of the most current trends have been around for a while but are still popular with homeowners. Most homeowners are looking for higher-end finishes and advancements in technology in their spaces and are looking for ways to do it on a budget. If you are you considering purchasing a house that needs to be renovated or renovating your current home, the following are just some of the most popular trends in home renovation to incorporate into your space.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have been an emerging trend for the last decade. Home buyers are looking for open concept homes and homeowners who are renovating are looking at which walls are load bearing and what can be knocked down to open up their current floorplans. Open floor plans allow spaces to look larger and also make gathering spots throughout the home more informal. In most open floor plans, the kitchen is the central location and open to the family room and a smaller dining space. Open floor plans allow for more light and more flexibility in a once closed off space.

Master Suites

Master bedrooms have become a popular space in luxury home buying markets. But these spaces can be customized in smaller homes for individuals looking for budget-friendly remodels and upgrades. These suites include larger closets and changing areas, spa-like bathrooms, and sometimes a larger main room that can be used as an office, tv room, or even a temporary nursery area.

An upgraded bathroom will have the latest upgraded appliances, a large shower with multiple shower heads, and undermount double bowl vanities. To create these spaces during home renovations, homeowners often choose to eliminate a bedroom or shared space. If there isn’t extra space available, they might consider adding square footage onto the home to achieve the larger master suite.

Smart Homes

Technology is allowing us to transform our homes into smart havens. One of the biggest advancements in home technology is the addition of smart lighting and heating systems that can adjust based on the time of day and the number of individuals in the home. These systems can be controlled by smartphones and tablets and are easy to install onto existing lighting and heating systems. These systems are also a great way to help homeowners cut down on the cost of utilities and conserve electricity.

Larger Kitchens

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home and is the key gathering spot for family and friends. These spaces are getting larger, more versatile and welcoming to accommodate more individuals. Updated kitchens include an open floor plan that allows for gathering in the kitchen as well as the adjoining family room. Some of the biggest trends in remolded kitchens include the following:

Commercial Grade Appliances

When it comes to stoves and refrigerators, homeowners are looking to integrate smart technology and if space allows they tend to purchase larger sized appliances. With the increase in the size of these appliances, they’ve also become much quieter and energy efficient.


Farmhouse sinks, generally known as apron sinks, are increasing in popularity in kitchen remodels. While some are choosing these sinks solely based on aesthetic looks, others love them because they are easier to wash larger pots and pans in and are easier on your back when doing dishes. Because of their popularity, farmhouse sinks come in a variety of materials fit for any budget and can even be customized to match the countertops in your kitchen.

Cabinet Color

While white cabinets are still the most popular choice among home renovators, gray is becoming the second most popular choice. Neutral cabinets allow for renovators to add pops of color on kitchen islands, in countertop choices and backsplash tile.

Cooler Color Pallets

Colors like gray, navy and greige (gray and beige combined) are dominating color pallets in home renovations. This neutral pallet is easy to decorate with and allows additional colors to be added to the space through furniture and accessories.


Less is more and has become a popular trend when it comes to renovations. Renovators are streamlining designs throughout the house. This can allow a home to feel more spacious, open and allow for more light in certain rooms. In a space like a kitchen, upper cabinets can be removed, and shelving put in its place for a more open look. They are also creating more consistency through flooring and paint colors, especially on the main level of a home. Some renovators take the opportunity to declutter their spaces during a remodel. This can help alleviate stress, but it also can help the space feel more open. One way to achieve this is by removing built-ins throughout the home.

If you plan on achieving any of these renovation trends in your current or future home, make sure to take the time to price materials and only do things that will help increase the value in your home should you choose to sell it in the future.