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When it comes to investments, most people are looking to make a quick dollar, and the real estate industry is one of the easiest ways to do that. Regardless of the type of property, you are looking to purchase or if you are renting or reselling, investing in real estate requires a great deal of capital to get started. The following tips will help you make your first move into purchasing your first investment property. 

Leave Your Emotions out of it

When it comes to purchasing an investment property, you need to look at the purchase logically. Do not let your emotions affect your decisions. Purchasing an investment property is purely a business investment, and the entire transaction needs to be handled as professionally as possible. The lower the price you pay for the property, the better the odds you may have when it comes to selling the property at a higher price at a later date.


Depending on the market you are looking to target, you will need to research before buying a property in that market. Your research should look at property locations, cost of properties in the area, business traffic, rental prices, and the expected returns in the market in that area. Doing the correct research should be done analytically instead of from a persona point of view. Investing in properties isn’t about emotions!

Down Payments

While it only takes 3% to put a downpayment on the house, investment properties take at least 20%. Investment properties require a larger downpayment due to stricter approval requirements. If the property you are considering will have additional expenses such as renovations, you should account of those before you pay your downpayment.

Investment Loans

When it comes to finding the collateral to purchase your first investment property, there are a wide variety of options. Picking the right option could make or break your deal and could create a positive difference in your financial situation. Applying for an investment loan offers different benefits and the best options depending on your situation. You should also consider which loan option will give you the freedom to split the credit or provide you with a line of credit through a credit facility.